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When we think about gothic fashion, first what we think of are corsets, but before that people used a little bit more of imagination to style themselves.Back in the days, ripped fishnets, latex, metal pins, combat boots were everything. The bigger the better, teased hair, white complexion, and loads of black eyeliner were must have. When we look at today’s gothic fashion a lot of things have changed. Goth fashion can be recognized by its stark black clothing. Ted Polhemus described goth fashion as a “profusion of black velvets, lace,…

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Locust Revival-No One Will Ever Love You

No One Will Ever Love You

Locust Revival is a Post-Punk/Gothic Pop solo project from Brisbane AUSTRALIA which draws influences from early 80’s dark post-punk and gothic music while also mixing in the familiar pop sounds of the late 80’s. The vocals in Locust Revival bring a feeling of longing, loss and an angst which continues the listener down a path of self-refection and despair. New album “NO ONE WILL EVER LOVE YOU” released February 14, 2017, with 8 very good post-punk 80s songs.The atmosphere is so fucking depressive very impressive check them on band camp.…

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