5Times Zero-OK


Artist: 5Times Zero

Release: OK


5Times Zero could be seen as a new band, to begin with. This is a rather easy conclusion, strictly based on the fact that this is their debut album.

Adding to that, I should mention that this formation was initiated in 2015, having released an ep and a single, so far..Naturally, they have come up with their first full-length attempt. Synthie pop and electro are the limitations that mark this band’s sonic terrain. “OK” shows lots of potential-and a vital sense of experience, something not expected perhaps, since after all, this is a debut album affair.

The vast majority of the songs contained on this disc are sung in English. There is one exception, though as they choose to present a song with German lyrics, as well.

Now, to the actual sounds: OK moves along the lines of a modern synth-fueled pop release. Of course, there is some electro parts, that shape this band’s style, dressing their songs in a darker tone. That is a minor factor, though because, for the most part, this group insists on a club-friendly, really poppy and groovy sound. The term radio-friendly would apply for sure. These elements are complemented by the crystal-clear, large( and yet, not overdone) sounding production. Yet, there is a double edge to this sword- something which, in this case, indicates the lack of edge that these tracks need to possess, in order to breathe. Not that it matters, anyway it is obvious that this is a direction that the band consciously adapted. Another valuable point regarding this album is that it sounds remarkably cohesive and full. There are stand-out moments, of course.

But there is a loose floating sense from track to track a factor that provides them with some points of re-listening ability. The listener will probably have no problem of concentrating on this work as a whole as a matter of fact, I think that this is a decision that the band wanted to make.

Finally, I feel the need to give a mention to the lyrical aspect of these songs: not just simple verses and slogans they are. A thing that certain bands of this field tend to do. But, instead, a rather clever approach to words is exhibited here.

  • ok ,gothpostNow, I cannot confirm that this sonic adventure has been a journey to the absolute zero of the soul…But I can surely say that 5 Times Zero are a good, well balanced synth-pop band. Bringing an airy, fresh vibe onto what we have come to expect as a “normal” synth release.Even though that is not my cup of tea, I would surely admit that I have enjoyed this audio journey. And so could you! Zero is a fascinating state of mind: I applaud!


1) Unimportant
2) Don’t Push Me
3) Art Of Living
4) Naked
5) Instrument
6) Pyromaniac
7) Frozen
8) Augen der Grossstadt
9) Empty Floor
10) State Of being
11) Higher Smile
12) My Side
13) Can I Balize You?
14) Paths

score :7.5/10 

Isabelle S.

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