Absurd Minds-Tempus Fugit

Absurd Minds,gothic,Tempus Fugit

Artist: Absurd Minds
Album:Tempus Fugit


Absurd Minds,gothic,Tempus Fugit

The Dresden electro-darkwave music band ‘Absurd Minds’ can look back on 22 years of career. Five albums and several other worldwide releases are the results of a creative phase that Tilo Ladwig and Stefan Grossmann started as a small home recording project back in 1995 and which due to the cooperation with Francesco D’Angelo’s record company “Scanner” became one of the world’s most successful electronic music projects.

Since 1999 ‘Absurd Minds’ managed to inspire fans originated in all the different corners of music with their unique mixture of dynamic electronic music and melodic pop sounds. Other band members include Tilo Ladwig (Keyboards, Programming, and Mastering), Toralf Nikisch (Vocals, Keyboards, and lyrics) and Timo Fischer (Drums and Bass). The music created by these guys can be spotted under alternative electro genre. Several higher chart positions, countless live performances and the support of an ever-growing fan base impressively demonstrate the success of the creative work of this band. In the meantime, these guys have finally released their long awaited album “Tempus fugit” loaded with a dozen amazing tracks this year.

Absurd Minds,gothic,ebmFrom the very first track, titled ‘Time Travel’, we have the definition of a powerful and an electronic-driven music that can still be melodic and inspiring at the same time. The highlights of this track are the distorted robotic vocals and the female vocal hymn that layers the track with a numinous touch. The entire track resonates with a science fiction aura, this is a perfect opener for the album and would probably pique the interest of many listeners.

Farewell’ is the second song from the album, it introduces a variety of electronic samples, layered together to produce mechanical themed instrumental that sets an appropriate mood for the upcoming vocals. This is a mid-tempo track with well-played drums and pulsating electronic background effects seizing the spotlight.

The next song is titled ‘Kreuzfeuer’ which makes a stunning opening with its electrifying effects and dance electro-friendly beats kicking the background with its awesome bassline. The track’s title is a repeated chant surfacing from robotic voice effects making one hell of an impact and there are the classy keyboard tones that inject a sense of nostalgic theme into the listener’s mind. This track has a lot going on under the hood, it even has a badass gun fire sample mixed with the rhythm and the lyrical content matches well with all those variations in sound.

On reaching ‘Now We Hear The Call’ everything gets a bit more serious with a supernatural touch. The eerie programmed key’s sound moves along gradually and just giving a subtle, darkwave vibe while embracing the electronics and drum beats. The vocals are strong and the lyrics reek of motivation, this track has the perfect blend of instrumental and vocals because both remain under the spotlight without canceling out the other.

The fifth track from the album titled ‘One World’ makes a throbbing introduction and the listeners cannot stop nodding or head banging or at least stomping the floor with their foot. The keys stir out a beautiful Asian themed melody in the background that just calms the soul. The vocals yet again blend perfectly without sounding out of place, although it does make a shallow dip into the robotic voice effects which is rather nice to listen.

  • For Those Who Love’ marks the half way milestone in the album, this track has the best opening so far, with the instrumentals dominating over few seconds and throwing the spotlight to the catchy electronic male vocals, the melody is one the most beautiful aspect of this and many other previous tracks, it can even be considered as the artists signature mark that fades in and out from time to time.

Last Walk takes the seventh spot, building a grim theme to start with, the track is free from dance-friendly beats and moves along gradually. On this track, even the beautiful keys got a serious tone sticking to them, inclining towards a gloomy and darker theme and it’s certainly a unique piece in the album.

Threnody’ comes to brighten up the mood with its energized electronics and rhyming vocals. This track gives out a more thoughtful feel, allowing the listener to take a break from the serious mood set by the previous track and enjoy the melodic soundwaves that lurk in the background in a more relaxed pace. This is also one of those tracks that get stuck in the listener’s head and keeps playing all day long.

The track titled ‘Guardian’ places ninth in the album, and it remains different from the previous tracks. The major thing to notice here is the emotionally charged vocals that give out a completely different vibe when compared to the previous encounters and the signature melody that often fades in and out of many tracks shine out more vividly on this track and syncs well with the vocals.

Design Or Coincidence’ is a peppy track to listen and to chill out, with all the looping electronics and dance friendly beats following a similar pattern that can be safely considered as the artist’s signature move.

Nearing the end, we are introduced to the ‘Hourglass’, which is yet another unique track that travels rather leisurely, building up energy for something big and surprising, and finally the element of surprise in none other than the sexy nostalgic guitar riffs that crash the party with its amazing presence.

To wrap up the album we are greeted with the track titled ‘Zero Point’ which goes all out on the listeners, trying to make a final impression and succeeds with ease featuring a bit more of a minimalistic approach. The vocals take a much more prominent role and the music sounds gentle and graceful with the inclusion of the guitar riffs alongside the beautiful piano melody that pretty much snips the listener’s souls away. This track is the complete package of what this artist has to offer, and one of my personal favorites from the album.

  • This album is packed with great music spanning a dozen tracks of this great style of electronic melody instrumentals and enjoyable robotic vocals, all coming together in one nice package. To be honest, I am quite impressed with the album’s uniqueness, each track sounded fresh and different from the other on various aspects. ‘Tempus fugit’ is a striking comeback, and it is already one of the musical highlights of 2017. Fans of   Absurd Minds
    must give this one a try since they sound stronger than they ever did before!

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  1. Time Travel 4:10
  2. Farewell 5:37
  3. Kreuzfeuer 4:52
  4. Now We Hear The Call 4:44
  5. One World 5:07
  6. For Those Who Love 4:57
  7. Last Walk 4:13
  8. Threnody 4:33
  9. Guardian 4:28
  10. Design Or Coincidence 4:36
  11. Hourglass 4:49
  12. Zero Point 4:58

-Rating: 8.5/10

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