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Black Tape For A Blue Girl” is an American goth/darkwave/ambient act, which was originally formed in 1986 by Sam Rosenthal (Sam) from Portland, Oregon.

Sam is the songwriter, lyricist, and producer for the band. They released seven albums in their first 13 years, covering the mid-80s through late-90s. Current members of this band other than Sam are: Oscar Herrera (vocals), Danielle Herrera (vocals), nick shadow (viola), Brian Viglione (drums), Chase Dobson (baritone guitar, bass & string & horn ensemble). Their latest EP, “Blood on the snow”, was released this month, featuring four tracks with classic 90s gothic darkwave/ethereal sound.

The album takes off with a dark themed and emotionally powerful track titled “The Rubicon”, which introduces subtle acoustic guitar tones, providing a background for Oscar’s clear vocals resonating with a gothic, hopeless vibe. The lyrics on this track revealed a heartfelt desire for hope and yet somehow all hope was lost, like it was just a fantasy. Halfway through the track, an emotionally powerful vibe bursts out with deep and epic instrumental.

Overall, a great first track to start the album with, lasting for more than four minutes. Meanwhile, Sam takes credit for all the electronics & acoustic guitar background on this track.

Moving on to the second track in the album, titled “On some faraway beach”, where the mood and style shifted towards a brighter melodic vibe when compared to the previous track yet it had a gloomy aura of its own. Sinking down deeper into the track, the listeners would experience an ethereal ambient theme which gradually provides a background layer for the female vocalist’s heartbroken and yet dreamy voice. The chilling piano and synths were absolutely stunning when they synced with the lyrics. Nearing the end, it all gradually fades away, like drifting far away on a piece of ice, while losing sight of the ones you love. This track would definitely leave the listeners breathless and longing for more.

After passing halfway through the EP, the third track from the album kicks in, with the title “Blood on the snow I”. Which is the lengthiest track in the album, purely composed of instrumentals. All the emotions that were packed into the viola by the artist could be felt by the listeners who love this kind of music and would make them wanting more and simply wanting to stand and give a grand ovation for this excellent work.

Finally, the last track from the album with the title “The Apostate” resonated with a more serious and bitter melancholy vibe. The drums and the electronics in this piece were played with perfect sync, giving a crisper backdrop to the male operatic vocals. In my opinion, this track had beautiful operatic vocals and powerfully orchestrated music which was perfect for this style of music, the story was almost like an opera that builds and fades from epic to smooth, beautiful music.

In conclusion, this album is one of the latest work from the artist, and it is really fine tuned to perfection, with just four tracks the artists have demonstrated their talents. Favorite tracks from the album were “The Rubicon” and “On some faraway beach” which were inclined more towards my type of music and did make me hit the replay button quite often. So don’t hesitate, this is a “must have” if you don’t already have all of their previous works! It’s an awesome gothic album and could be your next favorite.

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  1. The Rubicon 04:04
  2. On some faraway beach 03:06
  3. Blood on the Snow I 06:42
  4. The Apostate 04:34
                       SCORE: 7.5/10

    Black Tape for a Blue Girl

    Black Tape for a Blue Girl (often stylized as black tape for a blue girl) is an American dark wave band formed in 1986 by Projekt Records’ founder Sam




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