Catapultum- #X.


Catapultum ,industrialCatapultum is Thomas Hauser. Thomas Hauser only.
He created this project in October 2016 because he felt like making some decent noise. The result is the first EP #X.

The Chillout projects of his label Sine Music have become a success story. But even though the loud guitar music hasn’t always been number one on the list he’s never forgotten it.

And now it’s time again for a counterpole. The counterpole to the counterpole, so to say. Back to the roots. Pick up the guitar, record the first Catapultum EP within ten days and off it goes, being released to the world.
Catapultum shows Thomas Hauser a further time that being loud feels so devilishly good.

Thomas Hauser is in music for a long time so his influences haunting him.The final result is very good I must admit that but I really wanted to hear something more original straight from his heart music- and not so much a blend of 100 rock music genres.I will recommend it to industrial rock fans only.






5.Turn The Tide


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