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Artist: Herzparasit

Release: ParaKropolis

Label: Echozone

Herzparasit is a 5-piece band, coming from Munich, Germany.

The oddly-and cleverly-named “ParaKropolis” is their third full-length release. As you can see this title is a fusion of two Greek words: Parapolis and Akropolis. These details mark the conceptual basis for this album. The Bavarian band uses a futuristic canvas, upon which various social, political as well as personal issues are displayed. To complete this necessary prologue, I should add that the audio description used by the band themselves, is a blending of metal along with dubstep fragments. Actually, it is not a bad way to present this disc’s sonic orientation.

First of all, the production is really, really clear, resulting to a thick, digital sound. That allows a lot of room for the instruments utilized-out of whom, guitars are loud and sharp. Being the main characteristic of their compositions. Vocals also stand out-lyrics are sang in German, as expected.

Regarding this, I need to mention that there exists a satirical track, here, just before the end of this cd. “It Must Be in English”-the title speaks for itself, I guess! Perhaps strangely so, this is one of the strongest tracks of theirs-unleashing a furious, yet controlled metal hybrid. After this brief interruption, “ParaKropolis” ends in a nostalgic, rainy manner. All in all, this is a pretty concise experience. Something logical, since there is a specific concept uniting these songs. The amalgamation of metal tiffs and electronic seizures works well for them-even though I would hesitate to call this as dubstep, or anything similar. The guitar-oriented nature of Herzparasit cannot be overlooked.

gothpost reviewThat said, I think that it is possible that people who worship the industrial metal “scene” will find many things to cherish, herein. And while I am not usually a fan of this style, I found this to be a pleasurable experience.

Herzparasit’s take is a stunningly professional one. Simply put-this disc delivers! On all fronts.

1) DNA unbekannt
2) Manege frei!
3) Tastsinn
4) Meine Träume jagen mir hinterher
5) Blut lügt nicht
7) Einzelteile
8) Vatermal
9) Präparat
10) Ich
11) ParaKropolis
12) It must be in English!
13) Regentage

Score:7.5/10   Isabelle S.

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