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Artist: iVardensphere

Album: Exile

Label: Metropolis Records

iVardensphere is a unique five member tribal-industrial band in the world of modern electronic music. The members are Scott Fox (Electronics/Drums), Jamie Blacker (Electronics/Drums/Vocals), Yann Faussurier (Electronics), Sean Malley (Drums) and Chuck Murphy (Drums/Vocals). Scott is the mastermind behind the creation of this project.

‘Exile’ is the latest mini album emerging from iVardensphere  covering a total of nine tracks. Visually, the album’s artwork portrays a composed yet abandoned tribal residence pined with grayscaled effects. Anyway, it is time to check out their music.


The album starts off with the track titled ‘Icarus’ and it is the shortest track in the album. This instrumental track is tainted with an enchanting female vocal, which takes the lead over the kindling electronics and disheartened tribal beats as we trudge along through this track. In the end it all works for a real delight and this track is a fine introductory music to gauge the album’s theme.

The second track from this album, titled ‘Westworld’ opens with an innocent melody which gives off a harmonious industrial vibe, until after a few seconds of dwelling into the track, that’s where everything changes. This piece will definitely push the listeners to the point where they will feel like they’re in a trippy tribal dance club. The artist does this all in powerful and perfect style and the insane ‘beauty versus the beast’ transformation was absolutely stunning. If you are not sure about what I am talking about, do hit the play button on this track.

Thin Veil’ takes the third spot, and without wasting time the track electrocutes the listeners with its spiking electronic sounds. The aggressive nature of the electronics paves way for the harsh and heavy industrial male vocals which remain a strong player in this track.

The track titled ‘Rhogog’ comes next and kicks off with a pulsating electronic vibe, with spoken cyberpunk vocals. The electronic bells and drumming on this piece reeks of tribal theme and definitely stands out with its surging electronics, and moving beats layered over various samples.

Kagu-Tsuchi’ lands the center spot in the album, the theme here drifts towards an Asian tribal culture with all the electronics layered with traditional Japanese/Chinese touch. The track swiftly blasts off listeners with its dynamic percussions and sick surges of electronic pulses, the background female chorus helps the track to delve into the dreamier, more ambient instrumental styles yet not losing focus on the tribal industrial nature. This one is a definite favorite from the album with such unique style and creativity, hats off to the artist.

Track number six, titled ‘Grounder’ fires arrows made with percussion instruments from the start and packs a heavier tribal punch. This track totally plunges into the album’s overall industrial theme with all the tribal chants dominating over the electronics and is really an excellent track, maybe not on the dance floor, but a definite favorite for me and potentially for any fans.

Placed aptly on the seventh spot and titled ‘Seven Gates’ opens with that great mix of ‘industrial meets techno’ vibe. This instrumental piece shatters through various layers of electronics, adding epic percussions and aggressive industrial beats to reach a nice climax.

War Dirge’ is the eighth track from the album, with which the artist decided to pass on a message to the world using speech like vocals that flash all the way throughout the track and the hypnotic samples coupled with tribal drum beats create a suitable atmosphere for the speech to be delivered.

Moving on to the final one, holding the title ‘Exile’, the listeners are crushed with a savage distortion like effects and more sinister electronic instrumentals, this tracks reeks with raw electronic surge and plenty industrial loops. This track is not for the faint of heart, only listeners who are ready to get electrified to the point where they could pass out should hit the play button.

This album was my first exposure to the world of tribal industrial music, and from the very beginning, I was impressed with the electrifying hardcore electronics and insane dynamic drums.

The songs on this album really stand out, a great part of this album is the diversity in styles, tempo and so on and this would be the perfect album to buy whether you’re a new fan or old. Personal addictive favorites from the album include: ‘Westworld’ and ‘Kagu-Tsuchi’, do check these out first if you are hesitant to buy the album.

Facebook page of this band: https://www.facebook.com/pg/ivardensphere/


  1. Icarus (Feat. Mari Kattman) 03:19
  2. Westworld 04:40
  3. Thin Veil 04:47
  4. Rhogog 04:56
  5. Kagu-Tsuchi 04:49
  6. Grounder 07:29
  7. Seven Gates 05:36
  8. War Dirge 05:16
  9. Exile 03:54
     8/10   Priyan T.


    iVardensphere is a band that plays a mixture of tribal-tinged industrial, EBM and power noise music, based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. On June 16, 2009


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