Lyncelia-Forsaken Innocense


Artist: Lyncelia

Release: Forsaken Innocense

Label: Self-released

Judging by the photographs that accompany this disc, it is easy to understand this band’s destination, more or less. My guess would be something connected to gothic rock-or dark/cold wave. A description that is not far from being true. Indeed so, this French band displays an affection for the gothic and wave sounds of past days. And they do this rather well, may I add.

This is lyncelias  second full-length release, so far. Technically speaking, though, it would perhaps be more appropriate to consider this as their third attempt, since they also had one more release, in CD-R mode.

As expected, their sound is reminiscent of the old glory era of gothic rock. The main characteristics of their sonic mixture are two, for the most part: strong, yet gentle-and above all, riffy, guitars. And deep, repetitive vocals. Guitar melodies shape these tracks in a circular way. While the vocalist adds some needed atmosphere, bringing a good, healthy dose of theatricality on the table.


Naturally, these songs are obsessed by a moody, slowly carved tone of melancholy. And, that is where this band succeeds the most: upon listening to their songs, I feel the sense of being in a lonely place, on some velvet afternoon. Fragile transmissions-now, that would be a fitting label for the tracks contained in this disc!

  • gothpost,lynceliaAnother strong point for them is that they manage to sustain a proper element of rhythm throughout the whole duration of this album. While not presenting fast tempos. In fact, the majority of their songs move on through slow to mid-paced patterns. There is esoteric tension in Lyncelia’s world, that’s for sure!

The album opener, “Blind” sets the tone for what is to follow. “Distance” is a dreamy, hazy affair. Another really solid suggestion would be “Lost-Anastasia”, relying on a soft melody entwined with male and female vocals(and whispers). I could go on and on-it would not matter, though! They surely know how to maintain a certain level of quality in all of their songs.

If someone looked for disadvantages, the obvious lack of originality would be the main one. Something that can be said for the cover art that was used, here-typical and cliched it was! Approach is what matters the most though-in my book, at least!

It is absolutely evident that these musicians love what they do. I could try to describe their personal brand of gothic in the following manor: imagine Fields of the Nephilim being a French cold-wave band. That alone should be convincing enough.

1) Blind
2) Distance
3) Unbound Pleasure
4) Insight
5) Weep A Long Silence
6) Sapphic Tears
7) Lost – Anastasia
8) Answer My Fall
9) Forsaken Innocence

score : 8.5/10   Isabelle S.


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