M. W. Wild-The Third Decade

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Artist: M. W. Wild

Release: The Third Decade

Label: Echozone

What we have here is M. W. Wild’ s solo debut.

He is not a newcomer though having been a member, as well as the founder of the Cascades. A gothic rock ensemble that was founded in 1988. After all these details, it is easy to come to the conclusion that we are dealing with a veteran of the aforementioned genre. Which is an accurate statement by itself. Now, what could one expect from the first solo album of an elder goth representative? Yes, your guess is a relatively simple task: “The Third Decade” is deeply rooted in the classic traditions that have come to represent what we know consider as being “true” gothic rock.

The influences mentioned are quite clear, me thinks: the Sisters of Mercy and the Merry Thoughts are among them. The later one had the rather unfortunate tag of being a Sisters’ copycat. Well, actually this was not a dire comparison. But, back to this disc: as one can expect, all the necessary goth ingredients are present. Deep, chanting and sorrowful vocals.

Effective, imaginative guitar lines. Discreet keyboards. Steady mechanic drum patterns. Everything in place. Now, as it is well known, this scene has already been oversaturated by a plethora of bands and artists through all of those years. The main question at stake is whether M. W. Wild has managed to deliver a worthwhile addition to a goth fan’ s collection, or not?

The answer is simple and stable. A definite affirmation. It is true that there is nothing here that has not been done before, in one way or another. This artist though is certainly capable as well as experienced enough, in order to avoid cheap imitations. Apart from writing good songs, his main advantage lies in his vocal delivery. Never straying away from Eldritch’ s charismatic charm, he does have something that makes him stand above the majority of goth crooners.

  • gothpost reviewHis voice is solemn and emotional, giving an additional treatment to these tracks. The quality of whom is unquestionable. The dominant style here is almost identical to mid-period Sisters. And nothing is wrong with that, I must add. Come to think of it, releasing a solid goth rock album today is not an easy task! “The Third Decade” is exactly that.

As such, it marks a definition of sorts-a “How to make a truly good gothic rock album, without sounding goofy” manual, if you may! Lovers of the classic values that this scene once possessed should certainly seek this gem.

1) The Third Decade
2) Red Carpet
3) Marionettes
4) Writing On The Wall
5) Nobody
6) Exit The Grey
7) Dark All Over
8) Mirrors
9) Spring Again
10) Fly With Angels
11) Russian Roulette
12) Turning Leaf
13) Danubia

Score:8/10   Isabelle S.

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