MicroClocks-Soon Before Sundown

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Artist: MicroClocks

Release: Soon Before Sundown

Label: Echozone

Let us start with some simple and basic information, as usual: MicroClocks is a German band. This is their third album, this time around being released by Echozone. Their style could be described as something of a mixture of indie rock and pop elements. To be exact though, there are a few traces of electronics present, as well. To end this I may also mention that they have been performing live quite a lot and in front of big audiences, mostly. So far, they have shared the stage with high-profile artists. The list includes a handful of diverse acts. Such as Marilyn Manson, Clan Of Xymox and She Past Away, among others. Out of all these facts, one could honestly conclude that this is a totally experienced band. And that would be a safe assumption, to begin with!“Soon Before Sundown” is a cleverly placed release.

Soon Before Sundown” is a cleverly placed release.

The base is the strength of their material. All songs are tightly performed and carefully constructed. That leaves no place for misconceptions. The target is solemnly clear: delivering memorable, catchy songs. With a lasting impact on the listener. Following this paradigm, MicroClocks’ greatest achievement is that they are perfectly able to deliver a disc that absolutely has no fillers. Indeed, every composition of theirs is worthwhile, to say the least. The right balance between the chosen ingredients is very important. These ingredients include nice melodies, remarkable guitar work and gentle, yet intense, vocals. The delicate use of electronic passages works in their favor, also.

This band certainly shows an ability to produce almost flawless orchestrations. The only minor let down I could find, was the lack of originality. Yet, something like this is not important, when it comes to pop music-mainstream or not!The importance of this statement is underlined by the band’s well-crafted compositions.In other words, MicroClocks’ third full-length attempt is hugely successful.

gothicNot only they have managed to create a splendid album. But also because everything in here could be seen as a big step forward for the band’s future. Which seems to be bright, judging by this work.Extensive touring should follow-my guess is that this is a band to watch, whenever they perform in a live setting. For now, this is a very strong effort.

That will surely please their fans, as well as be helping them to reach new ones.

1) Follow The
2) White Rabbit
3) Soon Before Sundown
4) Love’s End
5) The Edge
6) Here I Am
7) Life Is Grim
8) Confession
9) Nothing but A Thought
10) To A Friend
11) Raptor

Score:8/10    Isabelle S.

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