Moaning Silence-Fragrances from Yesterdays

Moaning Silence

Artist: Moaning Silence

Album: Fragrances from Yesterdays (EP)

Moaning Silence was born many years ago, during a cold quiet night, in the dark alleys of the mind of their main composer and guitarist ‘Christos Dounis’, while he was studying the varieties of human nature. Emotions, thoughts, pictures, gave birth to lyrics and music notes, while the great poets and writers of our times, created a dreadful atmosphere in which music, dreams, feelings become one. Now we have their latest work titled ‘Fragrances from Yesterdays’. This release is presented across six creative tracks spanning a little less than half hour of music. The band members Eleni Kapsimali (vocals), Christos Ntounis (electric & acoustic guitars/vocals) and Vangelis X (drums) were responsible for this album’s amazing creation.

The album is set to motion with ‘Entering the great night’, which takes the role of a well composed introduction music composed solely of instrumentals. Listening to this piece of music, any listener can get a good grasp of what these guys are capable off, and can look forward for music with similar style throughout the album.

Before the Dawn’ adds more flavor to the instrumentals set in the previous track and builds up the pace kicking the tempo a bit higher. The music is attractive with the bass laying the foundation, mixed with electric guitars and drums with that driving beat along with the melodic vocals, including some spoken male vocals for a gothic-metal touch.

Just another day’ takes an energetic spin with its electrifying guitar riffs and drum beat combo. It’s amazing to listen to Eleni’s subtle vocals with a melodic touch and even more amazing when the male vocals fade in and out to support her. Nearing the end, the track gets a bit darker and the male vocals transform into a beautiful gothic cry fading in and out till the end.

gothic metal

Yesterday’ embraces the listeners with its warm-toned vocals that shine beautifully like the pleasant summer morning, bringing up beautiful and emotional memories to the listener’s mind with a soothing touch.

Flaming Fall’ opens with a melodic composition and quickly bursts into flames dropping continuous beats towards the listeners with attractive gothic- tinged male vocals. The female vocals take back control with a calming touch instrumental touch on the backdrop, the electric guitar creates a classical metal touch with its flexible riffs complimenting the drums and melody. The ending is one of the best when compared to the previous tracks in the album, with the spoken like angelic vocals that put off the flame with a cold embrace.

Summer Rain’ warps up the album with its final sprinkles of beautiful instrumental tones falling on Eleni’s mesmerizing yet melancholic vocals that reach out on a whole new level. The pace is just perfect for the finale and the guitar is stunning as ever and listeners would definitely notice it and fall in love with its appealing nature.

To sum it up, this album starts great and ends great, it’s melodic yet powerful and everything you could possibly hope for from this band. The listeners can typically sense the atmosphere created by these artists as they venture through each piece and leaves them longing for more of Eleni’s vocals. Check out these tracks first: ‘Before the dawn’ and ‘Summer rain’, they are my personal favorites and definitely worth buying.

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  1. Entering the great night 03:12
  2. Before the dawn 05:29
  3. Just another day (catharsis version 2017) 03:53
  4. Yesterday (The Beatles cover) 02:45
  5. Flaming Fall 05:15
  6. Summer rain 03:42

Rating: 8/10


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