Artist: M!R!M!

Release: Iuvenis

Label: Manic Depression

This album starts off with one of the most creamy, velveteen sounds that I have ever heard.

Way to start, right?
The blissful melody is quickly accompanied by stirring beats and vocals that are mostly resembling of whispers. And that, dear readers is “Lotus”, which serves as an opener into this sonic mirage. Strangely so, this is a solo affair, for the most part-indeed, M!R!M! ιs the brainchild of Iacopo Bertelli, also known as Jack Milwaukee.An Italian based in London, actually!

The style of this project could lie somewhere in between post-punk and synth punk. Yet, I φeel that these terms do not fully give justice to this disc’s sonic orientations. A pop flavor shines through-as well as a sense of unrelenting euphoria. Jack Milwaukee clearly shows his strength on composing charming melodies. And providing fitting, dance-able rhythms in order to connect them to a whole. Thus, he manages to provide an ear-friendly continuum that never fails to acquire the listener’s attention.

The beats remind me of synth punk classics, while there is a shoegazing aura that compliments this project’s sound excursions. The melancholic softness that is present in tracks such as “Broken Hearts Club” is quite characteristic of M!R!M!’s intentions. The nostalgic power of these fragile phrases is undoubtedly mesmerizing. And totally retro, in a sense.

“Lights from Above” on the other hand, works as a reminder of this album’s main directions. A feeling of bitter sweetness-or sweet bitterness, if you prefer-emerges upfront. The dominant role of the synths is easy to trace-and is particularly satisfying, for that matter! This is furthermore exemplified in “First Love”, where the introduction part builds itself slowly, like a carousel of memories and thoughts. A short composition of great importance. Apart from the instrumental qualities of M!R!M! I must also mention that these song titles are poetic, in a captivating manner. Unfortunately I do not have the lyric sheet, but I can conclude that lyrics are an integral part to this artist’s creations.

And perhaps, I have already written enough-or perhaps not?

  • As it is obvious from my written words above, this is an album that I truly enjoyed! Much more than that, though-I’ d wholeheartedly add that this was a really pleasurable experience. Needless to say that this gets a solid recommendation from me. An experience that needs to be witnessed, for sure.

Manic Depression has gathered a roster of impressive artists, I guess! M!R!M! is no exception to this statement.

1) Lotus
2) Crast
3) Broken Hearts Club
4) Lights From Above
5) Grand Duchy Of Tuscany
6) Wie Immer
7) Faster Than A Rocket
8) At Night
9) Prom
10) First Love
11) Amour Fou
12) To You M Bliss
13) 1955
14) Always Lovers

Score:8.5/10   Isabelle S.


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