Princess Jesus-Hitchcocking

gothic rock,indie rock,2017

Princess Jesus,gothic rock,indie rock,2017

The first solo release from Princess Jesus, the singer of Sky So Dark ( Walks the line between dark psychedelia and apocalyptic pop music.


PJ says: “This gothic record was written in the midst of an absolutely obsessive film binge-watching period, and it inspired the way it was written. If Lars Von Trier can put out Melancholia (end of the world) and Nymphomaniac (self-explanatory,) then I didn’t have to be safe in how I wrote, or what dark corners I’m so proud of this record.

Princess Jesus – vocals, guitars, bass, synth, percussion
David England – lead guitar, piano, synth, drums
Heidi Gluck – backing vocals, synth
Freda Love – drums

1.Northern Flicker
4.Sucker For The Apocalypse
5.My Filthy Bride
6.Emma,The Demons Are Real
7.Ghost Story

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