The Question- Engineers & Earthquakes

Engineers & Earthquakes (II)

The Question (E l A m O r t E) With almost two decades of history, The Question (E l A m O r t E) is one of the longest running acts in the darkwave/dark folk/gothic scene in latin America. Originally started in Argentina, it moved to Colombia for some years and thereafter it was based in Manchester (UK).

Currently, the band has gone back to Buenos Aires (Argentina), with a fresh and new line-up (Bernardo Jimenez aka DimasGestas, being the only permanent member of the band throughout its history). The Question is the song of hope and sorrow…on a vertical unison.

From the first track of that demo tape EP, released in 1997 (The Question´s first published material) to his/her latest work, there´s a constant confrontation between chaos and beauty, between love and death (hence the tag ¨elamorte¨), re-enacted and presented through sounds and words articulated melancholic, yet bright, sonic scapes, intricate arrangements and folk song structures.

Leandra Lozano – Vocals
Sergio Rodriguez-Vita (Yeyo) – Drums and Percussion
DimasGestas – Rest of the noise.

2.Death Is All Around
3.All Men Are Mortal (2015- Featuring Thalie Nemesis)
4.Hunger strike 2016
5.Pluto Drive


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