Schonwald-Night Idyll


Artist: Schonwald

Release: Night Idyll

Label: Manic Depression

Despite the Teutonic origin of this band’ s name, this is actually an Italian formation, based in Ravenna. Not a newcomer group by any means-they have a somehow extended discography that includes 3 full lengths and one compilation, as well as several eps so far.

“Night Idyll” is their fourth full-length effort.

The album title is rather poetic and gives an insight on this band’s sonic emanations. In fact, I find that this title absurdly applies on the opening track: a truly idyllic atmosphere comes forth. The captivating motion of this music is even more prevalent on the second song, aptly named “Sleepy Destiny”.Lush female vocals work as an absolutely essential accompaniment to the creamy and dreamy sounds. By now, I am literally impressed. Soft guitar melodies bring to mind a series of cold-wave acts from the 80’s. Something expected, since they themselves emphasize their love for past time sounds, coming mainly of this era.

That is a limitation though, if taken accurately. And that because there are certain traces of other past icons that actually represented even older times. These tendencies become hazily apparent through the use of minimal synth lines that remind me of radical 70s artists. The proto-electro style of Suicide could provide a certain point of reference, I guess. The natural unification process of these elements is the basis of Schonwald’s creations. I cannot securely tell if their experience is what leads them to such an extent of effectivity.

gothpostFact is though that almost everything is beautiful in its conception, herein. In other words, what I am listening to is an almost flawless release, representative of this band’s audio explorations. In that regard, I think that their mission is completely accomplished. And I mean that in an utmost stunning, visionary even, sense! Moreover, the need for quality cold-wave bands is absolutely vital. This is a valuable, daring statement for sure.

I appreciate it, as an admirable effort, drenched in a cloak of blissful yet blatant honesty.

1) Damage
2) Sleepy Destiny
3) Austral
4) Love Collides
5) Oceans
6) Iridium
7) Berlin Ice
8) Surprising Violence
9) A Secret
10) Temple

Score:8.5/10   Isabelle S.

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