Second Still

Artist: Second Still

Release: Second Still

Label: Manic Depression Records

Well, I guess that I can keep it short, this time around! And I am saying this just because I personally love quality cold wave. And this band delivers exactly that. Second Still is a trio coming from the US. And this is their debut full-length release.

They prefer to describe their music as a hybrid of post-punk and cold wave. And that is a totally correct conclusion. Actually, I would say that what they present us is a really traditional and focused amalgam of these genres. I’d even detect some shoegaze as well as some proto-goth influences. Besides that-I was literally stunned by their interpretation of the aforementioned styles. As I have said before, it is the compositional quality that counts, sometimes even ranking above originality. Indeed, this band reminds me of many things-yet they somehow sound fresh and up-to-date.

The known elements of this classic, nostalgic sound can be found here. Playful rhythms, gently charming female vocals and gorgeous, lush guitar melodies. The latter especially, bring to mind a plethora of old and loved bands. Standing exactly in between the British post-punk idiom and the fragile, unforgettable French cold-wave acts. The fact that a band of today can perform these past-time motives without sounding out of place is quite astonishing, I must admit! The refined ability of this project is absolutely evident, from the beginning of this disc. “Recover” is a beautiful song-and even more so, it portrays their personal sound tendencies in such a perfect mode!

  • Manic Depression RecordsThe modern, clear production helps them, as well. In their case, it is really important for the listener to be able to distinguish all details and instruments, in the best possible way.

The rest of the album flows effortlessly in the same mode. No filler tracks exist here, thankfully! The basis of their sonic foundation mostly lies in the balanced use of effective guitar lines and strong rhythm section absurdities. It is the vocal performance that provides them with a special sense of warm mystery, nevertheless.

My primal intention was to keep this text short-that did not happen, though! Not many more details are needed, me thinks. “ Second Still” is a great album, simple as that.

I imagine that any cold wave and post punk fan should certainly worship this piece of art. Therefore, I wholeheartedly recommend it. Surely, a band to watch. They might achieve better things in the future. Also, I am pretty sure that attending a concert of theirs would prove to be an amazing experience.

1) Recover
2) Try Not To Hide
3) Sleep
4) New Barn
5) Strangers
6) Jo
7) You Two So Alike
8) Judgement

score: 8.5/10       Isabelle S.

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