Silentport-Words From The Silence


Artist: Silentport

Release: Words From The Silence

Label: Paradox Ethereal Magazine

What we have here is an ep, consisting of 4 compositions. Something that could quite possibly be regarded as an initial introduction to this project’s visionary garden. My guess is that Silentport is not widely known, yet-they are far from being newcomers, though.

Formed by Roman Rutten, known for his part in Endraum, among countless other projects, so far..Crux Ansata, Lamento, Lucid and many more-the list is rather long, for sure!

Quantity is not important, anyway-quality is by all means the factor of importance. And Roman has kept a high standard of class in years that passed. Something that is the case with this release, as well. Here he is joined by Laura Agerli, of Ladyghost. And the result is quite remarkable, may I add.

“Words From The Silence” begins in a gentle and mysterious manner. Piano and voices lead this song. A softly spoken, yet intimate and strong track. An almost autumnal sense of melancholy prevails. Touches of nostalgia make their appearance-and continue, through the whole duration of this album. Their sound blends some elements from different genres:ethereal moments, a pint of pop sensibility, an aura that reminds me of dark-wave.. And even more, perhaps! For the sake of the article, I will refer to their audio vocabulary as ethereal pop-I think that it is suitable, at least! “Lady Of The Night” presents reflections of a nocturnal, dreamlike state. The chromatic sector of this music is vividly powerful, at all times.

All in all, I find this to be a really addictive work. The use of words here might be confusing to some-in all reality though, it captures the spirit of this ep, perfectly. Indeed, I think that these compositions prove to have lots of potential, in replay value. Furthermore, I would certainly like to listen to a full-length release by them. Until then, these four tunes stand out miraculously, as a brief but nevertheless, great introduction.

Sincere congratulations should also be given to Paradox Ethereal for releasing this. The amalgamation of poetry, sound and vision is almost flawlessly achieved, herein.

1) Words From The Silence
2) Lady Of The Night
3) Love Like A Deliverance
4) Transmutation

Score:8/10  Isabelle S.

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