Subterfuge-Blind To Reason

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Artist: Subterfuge

Release: Blind To Reason

Label: Heartland Records

Well, being on a label that goes under the name of Heartland, is a pretty strong indication regarding the genre connected to this release.

A surely easy guess would be that we are dealing with yet another gothic rock album. Which is a correct assumption, when it comes to the musical style of preference that Subterfuge willingly deliver. For those of you that do not know, this Melbourne-based project is not a new band at all. Their first official release dates back to 1994! After that, their traces were lost for almost 20 years. And, having come back strong as ever in the current decade, they present us with their latest offering.

I’ ll start backwards, this time around-I cannot hide the fact that I am deeply impressed by this disc. And this is no exaggeration. This has to be one of the best goth-rock albums that I have listened to in recent years. The formula is evident, as expected-no room for experiments or innovations exists, herein! The style is total, absolutely classic gothic rock. Nothing more, nothing less. It is the approach that counts though, as we already know! Relying on a very clear, but thankfully not dry production, they choose to base their compositions on delicate guitar melodies and keyboard brushes.

The keyboards, in particular, left an immaculate impression upon me. The vocalist is perfect in fulfilling his role. Standing firmly upon the known goth tradition, he sounds exactly as Eldritch should. His performance is dramatic and necessary. I do realize that all of these must sound overwhelmingly familiar to some-yet this band seems to possess almost endless amounts of quality and inspiration. Experience counts for sure-in this case though, I honestly think that the most important factor is love. Yes, love-these songs are passionately performed by people who really adore gothic as a music form, but even more, as a whole aesthetic division. Such devotion is rarely shown-and this is for me, the strong point of this recording: it is a labor of Love.

  • gothic rockThe Australian gothic rock scene had presented us with some diamonds in the past-and this gem is one of them! It brings back many great memories-I could even go as far as saying that this resembles the discs that I used to buy, years back, when visiting dark wave record shops in Athens.

No memory-driven sentimentalism though-Subterfuge deserve all praise given. As it is probably understood, fans of 80’s-90’s goth rock can not go wrong with this one!

1) This Long Hour
2) Unhinged
3) You Play The Victim So Well
4) Blind To Reason (High Tide Mix)
5) Jealousy
6) Vow
7) Bitter End
8) Hang Your Head In Shame
9) Guilt By Association

Score:8.5/10   Isabelle S.

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