Subterfuge-Blind To Reason

gothpost review

Artist: Subterfuge Release: Blind To Reason Label: Heartland Records Well, being on a label that goes under the name of Heartland, is a pretty strong indication regarding the genre connected to this release. A surely easy guess would be that we are dealing with yet another gothic rock album. Which is a correct assumption, when it comes to the musical style of preference that Subterfuge willingly deliver. For those of you that do not know, this Melbourne-based project is not a new band at all. Their first official release dates…

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Locust Revival-No One Will Ever Love You

No One Will Ever Love You

Locust Revival is a Post-Punk/Gothic Pop solo project from Brisbane AUSTRALIA which draws influences from early 80’s dark post-punk and gothic music while also mixing in the familiar pop sounds of the late 80’s. The vocals in Locust Revival bring a feeling of longing, loss and an angst which continues the listener down a path of self-refection and despair. New album “NO ONE WILL EVER LOVE YOU” released February 14, 2017, with 8 very good post-punk 80s songs.The atmosphere is so fucking depressive very impressive check them on band camp.…

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