Vacuum Aeterna-Project: Darkscapes

Vacuum Aeterna

Artist: Vacuum Aeterna Release : Project: Darkscapes Label: Cyclic Law And yet another Cyclic Law release! Quality is almost guaranteed when it comes to this Canadian label’s releases. This disc is no exception, simply put. I did not know of this project before-nor there are many information to be found elsewhere. Being their first work-or installment, if you prefer, “Project: Darkscapes” is absolutely indicative of the paths and directions that form the personal ethos of this project. The actual basis of this work relies heavily upon the substantial echo of…

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gothpost,Anunnaki,Sleaszy Rider

Artist: Dark Awake Release: Anunnaki Label: Sleazy Rider Prior to this, I had already been familiar with this project’s work. Something expected, more or less, since there exist not many greek bands connected to these sound motives. To those that do not know, though, let’s just say that Dark Awake moves along the neoclassical and also dark ambient/martial fields. Having been quite prolific so far, they started their course of releases back in 2008. “Anunnaki” was their fourth full-length attempt. And since their formation dates back to 2002, it is…

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The Question- Engineers & Earthquakes

Engineers & Earthquakes (II)

With almost two decades of history, The Question (E l A m O r t E) is one of the longest running acts in the darkwave/dark folk/gothic scene in latin America. Originally started in Argentina, it moved to Colombia for some years and thereafter it was based in Manchester (UK). Currently, the band has gone back to Buenos Aires (Argentina), with a fresh and new line-up (Bernardo Jimenez aka DimasGestas, being the only permanent member of the band throughout its history). The Question is the song of hope and sorrow…on…

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