Vacuum Aeterna-Project: Darkscapes

Vacuum Aeterna

Artist: Vacuum Aeterna Release : Project: Darkscapes Label: Cyclic Law And yet another Cyclic Law release! Quality is almost guaranteed when it comes to this Canadian label’s releases. This disc is no exception, simply put. I did not know of this project before-nor there are many information to be found elsewhere. Being their first work-or installment, if you prefer, “Project: Darkscapes” is absolutely indicative of the paths and directions that form the personal ethos of this project. The actual basis of this work relies heavily upon the substantial echo of…

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Northumbria review gothpost

Artist: Northumbria Release: Markland Label: Cryo Chamber First things first.I was really glad to get to review this. I am a big fan of Cryo Chamber’s aesthetic approach. The label that was founded by Simon Heath, is among the best ambient/drone labels worldwide, having released a variety of truly important albums. So, being in Cryo Chamber’s stable means a lot for a band. In my book, at least. As is usually the case with this label’s work, all artistic details have been crafted extremely well. Something expected of course. Let’s…

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