Silentport-Words From The Silence


Artist: Silentport Release: Words From The Silence Label: Paradox Ethereal Magazine What we have here is an ep, consisting of 4 compositions. Something that could quite possibly be regarded as an initial introduction to this project’s visionary garden. My guess is that Silentport is not widely known, yet-they are far from being newcomers, though. Formed by Roman Rutten, known for his part in Endraum, among countless other projects, so far..Crux Ansata, Lamento, Lucid and many more-the list is rather long, for sure! Quantity is not important, anyway-quality is by all…

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Peter Bjargo-Animus Retinentia

gothpost review Animus Retinentia

Artist: Peter Bjargo Release: Animus Retinentia Label: Cyclic Law Peter Bjargo obviously needs no introduction. Most of you know him already as the driving force behind Arcana and Sophia, among others. I could also mention his involvement in other projects, some of whom belong to the metal end of the spectrum.Apart from these activities-which also include his works as a producer-he also finds time and energy to release solo affairs. “Animus Retinentia’ is his third full length release as a solo artist. And once more, it is released by Cyclic…

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Black Tape For A Blue Girl-Blood on the snow


“Black Tape For A Blue Girl” is an American goth/darkwave/ambient act, which was originally formed in 1986 by Sam Rosenthal (Sam) from Portland, Oregon. Sam is the songwriter, lyricist, and producer for the band. They released seven albums in their first 13 years, covering the mid-80s through late-90s. Current members of this band other than Sam are: Oscar Herrera (vocals), Danielle Herrera (vocals), nick shadow (viola), Brian Viglione (drums), Chase Dobson (baritone guitar, bass & string & horn ensemble). Their latest EP, “Blood on the snow”, was released this month,…

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