Gothic subculture

gothic subculture

Fascination with gothic subculture dates since 1979’s, when Bauhaus released the song “Bela Lugosi’s Dead“. Since than gothic subculture has evolved into something that intrigues (normal) society. People usually associate goths with negative things like depression,suicide,satanisim but it is needles to say that this opinion is wrong. They are people who enjoy the world, beauty, art, poetry and they are deeply in love with the romantic thought of their dark world filled with books and good music. They wear black but their mind is full of colors. The gothic subculture…

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Funker Vogt –Navigator

funkervogt discography

Funker Vogt Funker Vogt (German: [ˈfʊŋkɐ foːkt]) is a German electronic music project with an aggressive style, formed by vocalist Jens Kästel and programmer Gerrit Navigator is one of the most important releases of the de cult band Funker Vogt and finally it is available again on CD.This beautiful Collector’s Edition comes in a 2 CD+1DVD disc digipak, containing the following releases: – Navigator, Fallen Hero, Killing Ground plus divers bonus material, rare and unreleased gothic tracks. – DVD containing the complete historic show “Funker Vogt live at the Kinetik Festival…

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