Descendants Of Cain-Conversation With Mirrors

gothpost review

Artist: Descendants Of Cain Release: Conversation With Mirrors Label: Echozone Descendants of Cain is such an awesome choice for a band name! Way to start, right? As most of you know, this is not a newcomer-in fact, this band was formed back in 1998.As it is really evident by their name, they have the tendency to explore mystical subjects that deal with arcane visions and texts. The medium that is used in order to convey these themes is gothic rock. But I feel that this tag is somehow not valid…

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Principe Valiente-Strangers in The Night

Swedish post punk shoegaze band

Swedish Shoegaze – Principe Valiente reveal first single of their new album Oceans After their outstanding self-titled debut album (2011) and the breathtaking subsequent album “Choirs of Blessed Youth” (2014), the Swedish post-punk / shoegaze band lead by Fernando Honoratio, true to their vision, continues to carve out its own unique musical path. As a first glimpse of their new album “Oceans”, to be released in early May, the new song and video “Strangers in The Night” was revealed on March 10th. The song is produced and mixed by the band…

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Seren Rosso’s- Errant Shadow


Artist: Seren Rosso’s Errant Shadow Release: Errant Shadow Label: Aenima Not much I knew regarding this band so far, that is! Their own description, regarding their sound, is the following tag: symphonic gothic metal opera. Nightwish and Therion are cited among this band’s main influences. The first mention is clearly on spot. These details easily lead me to think that this is a quite ambitious work. And a difficult one to pull through, perhaps. To achieve this, one needs to pay attention to each and every aspect of creating an opera-like sound. Without…

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Lyncelia-Forsaken Innocense


Artist: Lyncelia Release: Forsaken Innocense Label: Self-released Judging by the photographs that accompany this disc, it is easy to understand this band’s destination, more or less. My guess would be something connected to gothic rock-or dark/cold wave. A description that is not far from being true. Indeed so, this French band displays an affection for the gothic and wave sounds of past days. And they do this rather well, may I add. This is lyncelias  second full-length release, so far. Technically speaking, though, it would perhaps be more appropriate to…

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Artist: Loewenhertz Release: Echtzeit Label:Echozone It is not difficult to guess the country that this band comes from! Loewenhertz are a german duo, delivering an eclectic brunch of synth-pop. This is actually their second full- length release. “Echtzeit” is a strong album, I could admit! The material presented here is a delicate, emotionally driven electronic pop music. While that does not sound original at all, it is the quality of the compositions that matters the most. Using this mode, we can start decoding (or dissecting, if you may!) their sound,…

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