Schonwald-Night Idyll


Artist: Schonwald Release: Night Idyll Label: Manic Depression Despite the Teutonic origin of this band’ s name, this is actually an Italian formation, based in Ravenna. Not a newcomer group by any means-they have a somehow extended discography that includes 3 full lengths and one compilation, as well as several eps so far. “Night Idyll” is their fourth full-length effort. The album title is rather poetic and gives an insight on this band’s sonic emanations. In fact, I find that this title absurdly applies on the opening track: a truly…

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Vacuum Aeterna-Project: Darkscapes

Vacuum Aeterna

Artist: Vacuum Aeterna Release : Project: Darkscapes Label: Cyclic Law And yet another Cyclic Law release! Quality is almost guaranteed when it comes to this Canadian label’s releases. This disc is no exception, simply put. I did not know of this project before-nor there are many information to be found elsewhere. Being their first work-or installment, if you prefer, “Project: Darkscapes” is absolutely indicative of the paths and directions that form the personal ethos of this project. The actual basis of this work relies heavily upon the substantial echo of…

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Helalyn Flowers-Frozen Star

Frozen Star,gothpost

Strong from the high impact that their latest gothic album ‘Sonic Foundation’ had on the scene (ranking top 50 on the iTunes Rock Chart in the USA and top 10 on Bandcamp. HELALYN FLOWERS now return with this album’s second “single” for ‘Frozen Star‘. One the most acclaimed songs from the new album, and the perfect sonic demonstration of the Italian duo’s ability to perfectly balance the dichotomy within their own sound, showcasing like a sort of battlefield between dark, surreal synthpop and armageddon-like guitars and edgy, hypnotic as well…

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