Locust Revival-No One Will Ever Love You

No One Will Ever Love You

Locust Revival is a Post-Punk/Gothic Pop solo project from Brisbane AUSTRALIA which draws influences from early 80’s dark post-punk and gothic music while also mixing in the familiar pop sounds of the late 80’s. The vocals in Locust Revival bring a feeling of longing, loss and an angst which continues the listener down a path of self-refection and despair. New album “NO ONE WILL EVER LOVE YOU” released February 14, 2017, with 8 very good post-punk 80s songs.The atmosphere is so fucking depressive very impressive check them on band camp.…

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Gothic subculture

gothic subculture

Fascination with gothic subculture dates since 1979’s, when Bauhaus released the song “Bela Lugosi’s Dead“. Since than gothic subculture has evolved into something that intrigues (normal) society. People usually associate goths with negative things like depression,suicide,satanisim but it is needles to say that this opinion is wrong. They are people who enjoy the world, beauty, art, poetry and they are deeply in love with the romantic thought of their dark world filled with books and good music. They wear black but their mind is full of colors. The gothic subculture…

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Princess Jesus-Hitchcocking

gothic rock,indie rock,2017

The first solo release from Princess Jesus, the singer of Sky So Dark ( Walks the line between dark psychedelia and apocalyptic pop music.   PJ says: “This gothic record was written in the midst of an absolutely obsessive film binge-watching period, and it inspired the way it was written. If Lars Von Trier can put out Melancholia (end of the world) and Nymphomaniac (self-explanatory,) then I didn’t have to be safe in how I wrote, or what dark corners I’m so proud of this record. members: Princess Jesus –…

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Deadfall new compilation -Sedition

Deadfall,gothic clothing ,gothic architecture ,gothic dresses ,gothic art ,gothic kleider

UK based gothic music company Deadfall Artist Band Management release their fifth compilation featuring bands from their roster . The compilation entitled Sedition will consist of 17 tracks of some of the most prominent gothic rock, post-punk, darkwave, alternative bands from all around the world. The compilation will feature next bands. Tracklist: 1.The Knutz – Where the Souls Dance Free 2.New Zero God – Tarot Card Reader (The Black Venus mix) 3.Last July – Further From Reason 4.Death Party UK – Hellfire Rock’n’Roll 5.Ariel Maniki and the Black Halos –…

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Fourwaycross -Fiction

gothic,gothic rock,post-punk,american gothic,

An acclaimed post-punk band from the LA downtown scene, Fourwaycross was compared to contemporaries like Killing Joke, Gang of Four, Joy Division, and Bauhaus. 2016 sees the release of the first all new Fourwaycross material in 25 years. The 3rd in a series of four-song EPs, Fiction is all-new material from the pioneering Los Angeles post-punk gothic group, Fourwaycross. band members : Steve Gerdes: bass, synths, guitar, sequences Courtney Davies: guitar, EBow guitar, flute, vocals Biff Sanders: drums, percussion, synths, loops, programming Tom Dolan: vocals, guitar, tambourine, words Formed in…

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