MicroClocks-Soon Before Sundown

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Artist: MicroClocks Release: Soon Before Sundown Label: Echozone Let us start with some simple and basic information, as usual: MicroClocks is a German band. This is their third album, this time around being released by Echozone. Their style could be described as something of a mixture of indie rock and pop elements. To be exact though, there are a few traces of electronics present, as well. To end this I may also mention that they have been performing live quite a lot and in front of big audiences, mostly. So…

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Reduced Silence- A New Wave To Get Wise

Reduced silence in gothpost

Artist: Reduced Silence Release: A New Wave To Get Wise Label: Self-Released Reduced silence is a duo, hailing from Germany. And synth-pop is their genre of choice. Their page mentions a variety of influences, citing diverse and unique acts some of them are obvious choices in connection to this project’s chosen destination. Some others are not necessarily connected to the electronic synth wave scene. That is the case of Yazoo and even U2, for example! As one can understand, I was pretty curious to listen to this release. “A New…

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5Times Zero-OK


Artist: 5Times Zero Release: OK Label:Echozone 5Times Zero could be seen as a new band, to begin with. This is a rather easy conclusion, strictly based on the fact that this is their debut album. Adding to that, I should mention that this formation was initiated in 2015, having released an ep and a single, so far..Naturally, they have come up with their first full-length attempt. Synthie pop and electro are the limitations that mark this band’s sonic terrain. “OK” shows lots of potential-and a vital sense of experience, something…

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Artist: Loewenhertz Release: Echtzeit Label:Echozone It is not difficult to guess the country that this band comes from! Loewenhertz are a german duo, delivering an eclectic brunch of synth-pop. This is actually their second full- length release. “Echtzeit” is a strong album, I could admit! The material presented here is a delicate, emotionally driven electronic pop music. While that does not sound original at all, it is the quality of the compositions that matters the most. Using this mode, we can start decoding (or dissecting, if you may!) their sound,…

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Helalyn Flowers-Frozen Star

Frozen Star,gothpost

Strong from the high impact that their latest gothic album ‘Sonic Foundation’ had on the scene (ranking top 50 on the iTunes Rock Chart in the USA and top 10 on Bandcamp. HELALYN FLOWERS now return with this album’s second “single” for ‘Frozen Star‘. One the most acclaimed songs from the new album, and the perfect sonic demonstration of the Italian duo’s ability to perfectly balance the dichotomy within their own sound, showcasing like a sort of battlefield between dark, surreal synthpop and armageddon-like guitars and edgy, hypnotic as well…

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