The Secret Light -Mirror Mirror


the secret light

The Secret Light’s dark & catchy music blends post-punk infused dark wave with a intimation of shoegaze/noise pop into an alchemical explosion of cultish energy.

Formed in 2014 the gothic band consists of members of the Xploding boys, former members of Pink Noise and TheOblik.
Produced and mixed by Viktor Nova and The Secret Light.
Recorded by kiisu d’salyss and Viktor Nova in our basement in Portland Oregon.
Mastered at Doug Krebs Mastering.
Special thanks to Ashkelon Sain.

All songs were written by Viktor Nova (ASCAP), kiisu d’salyss (ASCAP), and Michelle Pecchia (ASCAP), except Back Door.
Back Door Written by Ronny Moorings, Anke Wolbert, and Peter Nooten, Originally recorded by Clan Of Xymox.

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