Two One Six-d i e

Two One Six,alternative atmospheric, cold-wave, darkwave, goth, instrumental and post-punk.

Artist: Two One Six
Album: d i e

Two One Six,alternative atmospheric, cold-wave, darkwave, goth, instrumental and post-punk.

What we have here is a free gothic album titled ‘d i e’ from the artist ‘Two One Six’, little we know about the artist himself yet the music created by him can be easily classified among the following genres:
alternative atmospheric, cold-wave, darkwave, gothic, instrumental and post-punk.

This is a full length album packed with eight full length instrumental tracks.

The track titled ‘Die’ opens the album with a dark atmospheric theme, and it is a full-fledged instrumental piece. The synth, bass and the rocking gothic guitar on this track pulls out an eerie gothic retro vibe. This is an excellent introduction song to the album since it has an attractive gothic aura, which is really important to pull listeners who are searching for this type of music and this track instantly became a favorite of mine.

The second track from the album, titled ‘Counting’ brings about a dark and brooding anthem sending goosebumps to the listeners with its emotional and relaxed beat. This track resonates with an amazing dark wave nature overall and creates a mystical and supernatural atmosphere.

‘Freeze’ is the third track from the album, and listeners are bound to get frozen by the chillwave which this track directs into their ears. The dark and melancholy instrumentals are responsible for this piece to emit such coldness and remain cool amongst the other tracks.

Moving on to the fourth track, titled ‘Deserve’ which starts off with a dark spiritual aura mixed with some somber and subtle guitars and electronics with that driving beat along with a haunting background chorus like a synth that echoes over the entire track.

Passing halfway through the album, the listeners will encounter the fifth track, titled ‘Recall’ this track gives way to a more upbeat chill feel and a personal favorite of mine from the album. The guitar works on this track blew me away and snatched my heart with its sinister yet beautiful tones. This is a piece that gothic instrumental music fans can really sink their fangs and enjoy the pleasure of such a masterpiece and good luck trying to skip this track.

‘Nothing’ takes the sixth position in the album, the music is catchy with the bass laying the foundation, mixed with mid-tempo drum beats and guitar works, the synth never fails to hit the listeners on an emotional level, but comparing to the previous track, the synth on this-this one transforms into a more sinister nature.

‘Strung’ kicks off with a ‘badass’ classical guitar riff and resonates with a slow pulsating synth backdrop. The drumming keeps the track on a mid-tempo beat and the other instrumentals add more mass to the track reducing the pace. Overall, a fantastic gothic track from the album with the highest play time.

Finally, the listeners would reach ‘Hell’ after going through and adoring all the darkness from the previous tracks, it is no surprise to get booted into hell. In ‘hell’ things get heavier, darker and edgier than previous tracks. The synth slowly builds and fades, giving the spotlight to the guitars and sneaky gothic drum beats.

In conclusion, the mood and tempo shifts from track to track. Each and every track from the album is just incredible and leaves the listener breathless and wanting more especially when tracks like ‘Recall’ hits them on an emotional level. Recommended exclusively for gothic cold wave and darkwave loving fans!

Favorites from the album: ‘Die’, ‘Counting’, ‘Recall’ and ‘Strung’.
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  1. Die 04:05
  2. Counting 04:20
  3. Freeze 03:49
  4. Deserve 03:31
  5. Recall 03:48
  6. Nothing 03:47
  7. Strung 04:26
  8. Hell 04:22


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