Vacuum Aeterna-Project: Darkscapes

Vacuum Aeterna

Artist: Vacuum Aeterna

Release : Project: Darkscapes

Label: Cyclic Law

And yet another Cyclic Law release!
Quality is almost guaranteed when it comes to this Canadian label’s releases.

This disc is no exception, simply put. I did not know of this project before-nor there are many information to be found elsewhere. Being their first work-or installment, if you prefer, “Project: Darkscapes” is absolutely indicative of the paths and directions that form the personal ethos of this project. The actual basis of this work relies heavily upon the substantial echo of infinite waves. Chosen fields of aural architecture include dark ambient and drone.

Not overtly specifically, though-there is an overlying sense of rhythm, something that adds icons of industrial dread. Indeed, this whole album seems to project a feeling of a crystalline, threatening fog. Selected bits of percussion fill up the void, while never surpassing it thoroughly. The synthesis of field recordings and synthesized sounds unfolds visions of serenity. In my opinion, the strongest part of this sonic journey lies in its mystical charm. This element elevates this album’s status.

As Vacuum Aeterna move in the dark ambient/ drone genres-yet the sounds presented here are far from being pointless exercises in style.

These seem like drones moving on from an ancient garden-to an unconscious star-gate. And somewhere in between, lies the oppressive and repressive identity of this release. Should someone follow it, absorbing the self on these intensive sound sculptures: a distilling, liberating quality emerges upfront.

I guess that my rather chaotic approach to this review pretty much shows my impression towards this album. This piece of esoterica needs to be cherished. The listening session turned out to be a cleansing experience. And a rather pleasant one, I might add-as it unveiled itself in a sort of an alchemical process. When all is resolved, beauty remains.

1) Kurtz
2) Eulogy
3) Anatomy Of A Spirit
4) Liminal Rites
5) Nibela Equinox
6) Control Metamorphose
7) Parasites Fall
8) Neglect
9) Enenra

Score:9/10   Isabelle S.


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