Velvet Acid Christ-Wrack Single

Wrack Single

Artist: Velvet Acid Christ

Album: Wrack Single

Label: Metropolis Records Wrack Single

Velvet Acid Christ (VAC) is a band that was born from the ashes after many trial and error phase since its original creation, but it’s all in the past, and currently the mastermind behind the band’s awesome reincarnation is Bryan Erickson from Westminster, Colorado.

The band currently consists of these artists, who were also responsible for producing this album titled ‘Wrack Single’: Bryan Erickson aka Hexfix93, Dianna C aka Shiva, Lyrical help Dani Tamm and Marco Wolff. Shiva seems to be the new recruit on this band and appears to fit perfectly. The music produced by this band can be classified under the following genres: Industrial, EBM, electro, Goth, and Darkwave. This album contains three tracks in total, the A-side Wrack (German lyrics, first for VAC), B-side Pillbox, and Bonus Track Cog with guest vocals by David Thrussell of Snog. 3 tracks.

The album starts right off with an extended mix track titled ‘Wrack’ which introduces a groovy drum instrumental electrified by the guitar’s shocking touch and syncs pretty well with the glossy female vocals.

Although it was eccentric to find the female vocals to be in German, it still got me nodding and craving for more. The music starts to show its true nature after a minute of playtime, this is where the music comes alive and unleashes its true nature with sinister male vocal’s Gothic scream fused with the electric guitar’s insane riffs dancing through the air. This song instantly became a favorite of mine, and at the same time, this track would make a stunning teaser for a full-length album in the future.

Cog’ is the second and the bonus track from the album, with a spectacular opening that just melts electronic elixir into the listener’s ear and sedates them in a state of an electro vibe. The artist’s mysterious vocals hypnotize the listeners into a dark sinister ritual where he will be portrayed as a divine entity, the background chorus and other layers of instrumentals were synced perfectly to produces this masterpiece. Definitely, a favorite track and I got high just listening to this track!

Reaching the final track of the album, we are greeted with the track titled ‘Pill Box’, which introduces a slow somber electronic drum beats, layered with dark gloomy synth tones, making a perfect backdrop for the haunting and sedative male vocals, though the vocals play a minimal part, it really makes this piece whole. The melancholy aura and minimalistic style on this song is incredible with the eerie synths, vocals, and electronics in the background smoothly layered over it all for something truly spectacular.

Velvet Acid ChristWith that, the LP comes to an end, and I can’t get enough of these tracks. These guys have outdone themselves and I can’t wait to get my hands on the next full-length album release from these artists.

All the three tracks went into my favorites list, but the German lyrics on the first track left me baffled, though it was really unique, I wish it was in English. This is a feat for any musician and to have LP released of this caliber is incredible. I highly recommend it, so don’t hesitate to give it spin guys!

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Track list:

  1. Wrack Extended mix 04:41
  2. Cog (Featuring David Thrussell ov Snog) 04:49
  3. Pill Box (single Edit) 04:16
    Rating: 8/10

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